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Your first trip to Russia will amaze you. The largest country in the world has an immense variety of wonderful places. Our tours of Russia combine the green of the mountains and the culture of national villages, historic palaces, and some of the best works of art on the planet.

Russia is the experience of meeting the old world with the new, balancing the West and the East. This is an experience that will find its place in your soul.

During your entire trip to Russia, In Russia Travel provides support around the clock and seven days a week, as soon as you need it.

In Russia Travel has created tour programs and also draws up individual routes, formed in the most comfortable way, taking into account the best time to visit and the availability of attractions that local guides will introduce you to.

Travel safely and confidently.

Protecting the health and safety of both our guests and local employees is always our top priority.

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Personalized itineraries

Take the opportunity to visit the places in Russia that you wish. We will add or exclude specific attractions from the travel itinerary according to your preference.

Expert planning

With our deep in-country knowledge, each travel program is tailored to your preferences, ensuring that you can make the most of your trip to Russia.

Local guides speaking your language

Discover insights from local guides in native format. Find out stories and facts that only locals may share.

Round the clock support

In case anything comes up and if changes to your itinerary occur, you’ll receive live updates via messenger, email or a phone call.

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Russia will amaze you with its rich local culture, vibrant cities, and genuine Russian hospitality.

From the northern lights to the ridges of the Urals, from the crystal lakes of Siberia to the Caucasus Mountains, breathtaking natural landscapes stretching for thousands of kilometers can fill any journey with incredible impressions.

frequently asked questions
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Is a visa required to visit Russia?

The citizens of certain countries will need a visa. A comprehensive list can be found in the Visa Support section.

What is needed to apply for a visa?

One of the requirements for a tourist visa is a host invitation. As the host, the tour operator can issue an official invitation. Details of other requirements are available from local Russian embassies and visa centers throughout the world.

How far in advance do I need to plan my tour?

City tours may be booked a week before departure, but tours that have an outdoor component should be booked at least a month in advance. Keep a close eye on the time necessary to obtain a tourist visa.

Do I need to be vaccinated before entering Russia?
The Russian Embassy in the country where you live will give you information, as vaccinations are only necessary for citizens from certain countries. If you plan to visit Siberia between May and September, it is recommended that you are vaccinated against encephalitis before leaving on your trip.
What does a standard lunch in Russia cost?

Restaurant prices differ but on average, you can expect to pay around $10 per person for lunch without alcoholic beverages.

How much does a taxi cost in Russia?

Taxi fares are calculated according to the time of day. In Moscow, expect to pay $4-7 in the city for a taxi or $10-20 for a train trip to the airport. We suggest that you avoid using taxi drivers who offer their services from the side of the road. Our advice is to make use of the Yandex taxi app or to ask the receptionist at your hotel for assistance.

Are there any places we are not allowed to visit when we are in Russia?

Some Russian areas only allow access to a limited category of people. There are certain national parks where you will need a permit to visit. The issuing process can take anything from two days up to two months, and issuing of a permit is occasionally declined.