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Covid-19 Virus Restrictions (Necessary as a result of the global pandemic)

Covid-19 Virus Restrictions

Before leaving for a tour of Russia, it’s important to check in with the tour manager to get the latest information about Covid-19.

To gain entry to Russia, a negative PCR test is required. The testing applies to all, including those already vaccinated (even with Russian vaccines) or visitors who have previously been diagnosed with Covid-19.

Protective face masks are compulsory throughout Russia and fines are levied for non-compliance. Entry to Russia is restricted to tourists from the 67 countries shown in the table below.

Every different region has regulations specific to that particular area. The most recent legislation is published on стопкоронавирус.рф website or the Russia Travel National Tourist Portal and the visitor is well advised to visit these hubs.

If a foreign tourist is unable to receive a QR code, this requirement can be overcome by taking a PCR test. This particular regional rule does not extend to all regions but does not apply to Russian tourists.

To gain access to most museums – excluding park-type and open-air museums, either a QR code or a negative PCR test result must be available for inspection.

Passangers travelling from these countries are allowed to enter Russia

1. Austria
2. Azerbaijan
3. Albania
4. Andorra
5. Armenia
6. Bahrain
7. Belarus
8. Belgium
9. Bulgaria
10. UK
11. Hungary
12. Venezuela
13. Vietnam
14. Germany
15. Greece
16. Denmark
17. Djibouti
18. Dominican Republic
19. Egypt
20. India
21. Jordan
22. Iraq
23. Ireland
24. Spain
25. Italy
26. Kazakhstan
27. Qatar
28. Kenya
29. Cyprus
30. Kyrgyzstan
31. Colombia
32. Korea
33. Cuba
34. Kuwait
35. Lebanon
36. Liechtenstein
37. Luxembourg
38. Mauritius
39. Morocco
40. Maldives
41. Malta
42. Mexico
43. Moldova
44. New Zealand
45. UAE
46. ​​Peru
47. Portugal
48. Saudi Arabia
49. North Macedonia
50. Seychelles
51. Serbia
52. Singapore
53. Syria
54. Slovakia
55. USA
56. Tajikistan
57. Tanzania
58. Turkey
59. Uzbekistan
60. Finland
61. France
62. Croatia
63. Switzerland
64. Sri Lanka
65. Czech Republic
66. Ethiopia
67. Japan